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» Character Creation Guide
Caesar Drake
 Posted: Dec 22 2012, 04:54 AM


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Welcome to the Crusader Citadel,

So, you've decided to make a character. Unlike a lot of sites based on established fandoms, we have our own 'Verse here, meaning it's good to get familiar with the History of the Game, the Timeline, and the basic premise so you have an idea of what kind of world your character is getting into. If you have questions, obviously PM one of the staff (especially Caesar Drake, if it's history or powers related).

Basically, this is a game for original super heroes from a variety of backgrounds. No X-Men, Justice League, or Avengers here, and we discourage knock offs. Make something new, fresh, and awesome. Crusader's Citadel is run a little differently from most role playing sites as well. We have stats and some rules. It seems like a lot, but after a read through, it's all pretty self explanatory and easy. Hopefully, this application guide clears up questions, and, again, if you're confused, talk to the staff. They're here to help.

So, on to the application walkthrough:

***Link to character application***

Crusaders Application

Real Name: This is your character's actual name (i.e. John Smith, Barry Cheung, or Lydia Patel) Include a middle name if you want.
Aliases: This is for your alternate identities, nicknames, or former incarnations or whatever.
Codename: Your super hero name and your Crusader's call sign.
Age: How many years old your character is.
Nationality: Where in the world your character is from, i.e. Sweden, the U.S.A., Atlantis, etc
Marital Status: Single, married, divorced, it's complicated, etc.
Calling: Why your character is a hero. The list of Callings is here.
Hinderance(s): While not mandatory, you may want your character to have a Hindrance. These are things that make life difficult for your character. The list can be found here.

Be as detailed as you feel necessary to convey their appearance when not in their Uniform and include up to a 200x200 picture of the actor/actress you are using for your avatar.

Actor/Actress: Use a real person. Make sure to check out the Celeb Claim page. If you need help, you can use sites like to find an appropriate person to portray your character.

Financial Status:
Basically, how rich your character is. You can be as simple as "poor," "middle class," or "rich," or you can extrapolate a bit. More information on wealth can be found in the Financial Status thread.

Initial Personality:
What kind of first impression do people often get from you?

Underlying Personality:
Once someone gets to know you, what do they find underneath? Hopes, fears, deep psychological problems, and things of that nature go here.

What you do in your spare time to unwind.

Your character has training or aptitude in some areas. This is not a free form list. The Skills guide can help you to fill out this section out correctly.

What languages does your character speak. Also, list whether they are fluent or not.

This is the cool bit. Almost all Crusaders have super powers in some way or another, and the ones that don't have super skills. This is where the details of what your character can do go. Please read over the Banned Powers list before you pick a power, and if you're going to pick a power based on divine power or immortality, please read this Thread. Remember, we don't just have mutants here. People with faerie blood, supernatural curses, mystical powers, alien technology, or other ways of getting super powers are allowed, so get creative. If you're going to do anything related to magic, please read this Magic guide.

Power Potential:
Please list where you think or would like to see your Powers grow towards.

Power Weaknesses:
Every castle has a weak spot. Please list your Powers' Weaknesses. Please include any expansion of Limits as well.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
This includes Degrees received, training done, police record, and what institutions attended. Basically, this is what could be found out about you by a pretty extensive computer search, aka your public record.

Unofficial History:
Anything relevant to the fundamental development of your character.

RP Sample:
Please include at least two paragraphs in a non-combat situation of your character demonstrating their dialogue, internal/external, so we may see how they interact with others.

How Did You Hear About Us?: Self explanatory
Do You Portray Anyone Else On The Site?: List your other characters here.

Awesome, now that you're done with the app, there's a separate stat sheet to fill out now. This is the technical nitty-gritty of your character's abilities. This is where you can find the Stats Sheet.


Stats Sheet � Your character's name goes here.


Position: (Crusader position)
Team: What team are you are on from Gamma 1 to Bravo where? The breakdown on teams is here.
Power Level: Refer to this guide.
Experience Level: Refer to this guide.
Types (Primary/Secondary): Main thrust of your character/additional area(s) they qualify for. Refer to this guide.


This section is a little different. Put your descriptions of your character's statistical abilities here. After reviewing them, Caesar Drake will then let you know your character's number statistics.

Strength: What is the average workout weight and the max workout weight of the character without powers?
Agility: How Agile is the character compared to an average person? A pro-athlete? Do they have superhuman agility?
Intellect: Given that 100 is average human intelligence & 135 is Mensa, what is your character's IQ?
Willpower: What kind of defense against mental, emotional or magical attacks does your character have w/o powers?
Health: This will be based on your overall experience level. Find that out here.

Calling: Refer back to the calling on your character sheet.

Hindrance: Did you put a hindrance on your character sheet? Put that here too.

Skills: These are the skills you put on your character sheet. Put them here too.

S: (Strength Skills here)
A: (Agility Skills here)
I: (Intellect Skills here)
W: (Willpower Skills here)

Languages: (other than English, please list all Languages your character knows)

Please do not fill in the actual Power Level until you talk to Caesar Drake. Thank you. This is a bit different. Based on your power descriptions in the app, your history, and the general feel we get from your character, Caesar Drake will assign you a list of powers and numbers associated with those powers that will be the statistics of your character's super powers. Don't fill this in until he gets you that information.

"In game terms, reality is broken." - Patrick Kapera, Crafty Games, creator of Spycraft, FantasyCraft and the MasterCraft game system

War is changing. Killing, however, is constant.
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