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» Trub's Hub, Graphics, Avatars, Emblems
Solosolo Kalolo
 Posted: Aug 22 2015, 08:50 PM


Group: Trainee
Posts: 14
Member No.: 327
Joined: 26-July 15

Status: Offline

So, this is your friendly neighborhood Trub. I enjoy doing graphics. I spent an awful lot of time learning new photoshop techniques and I'm only improving as time goes on. By no means am I a master. However, I know how to do most beginner and intermediate things. Some of my work may look complicated but I do the most simple things and try to maximize the effect in order to get what I want to happen. So, in other words, I may act all fancy but I like to make things simple and yet try my best to deliver what the requester wants.

Now not all things are possible. Again, by no means am I a photoshop master. So there are some things outside of my current capabilities but I do have a wife who is a photoshop master. Though she never really helps me with my photoshop projects as she wants me to do the work myself and not have her come in and do it for me. So I will consult her should you give me a request. She doesn't know much about photoshop work in terms of roleplaying sites but she does give pretty good advice. But all the work is done by me as she doesn't even fully understand why roleplaying sites have playbys. I tried to explain it to her but it was all like a foreign language. Lol.

But anyways make the request and I will do what I can. If I cannot properly fill your request I will ask another graphics person on the site if they could help. I will not intentionally leave someone hanging.

Here are some examples:

This was one of my favorites to do. This is the Mindsword banner. I could do the same thing with any signature. Now if you look closely you'll notice that there is actually a mistake here. There was no way to rip the image out of the original image that I found of the samurai so what I had to do was use the Asian culture inspired cloud cover to cover up the words, "The Last Samurai" in order to complete the picture. I also made it look like psionic energy was coming out of his eyes in the form of a purple smoke brush I use often.
user posted image

Now with all the background stuff going on and with all the harder work the last thing anyone would want to do is a difficult clipping mask. But I did just that. So, in this image of Mermaid I had to actually do the photomanipulation away from the original background image where the final product would be. I made it so that it looked like she had scales like a mermaid.
user posted image

This wasn't a tough one. It's Exabyte. I made it look like he had matrix code in his glasses.
user posted image

This was for the character Quark. So he could shrink himself. In the image I made it look like he was getting smaller and smaller. What I did to accommodate this effect was to apply a noise effect to the other layers in order for it to look like he was dissolving into a smaller person.
user posted image

Miss Arcane
user posted image

To Request:

[b]OOC Name:[/b]

[b]Character Codename or Name:[/b] If you want both the codename and/or character name mentioned specifically in the signature say so in the description section for what you want.

[b]Description of Graphic Desired:[/b] Do understand that I will try my very hardest to accommodate anyone doing a request. But this has to be within reason. Per the staff signature images are to be no more than 500x300. Avatars have a maximum size. I can even do emblems if you want that to be a substitute for an avatar.

[b]Specific Colors Desired:[/b]

Bowen Locke
 Posted: Oct 18 2015, 11:50 PM


Group: Trainee
Posts: 11
Member No.: 341
Joined: 13-October 15

Status: Offline

Hello Trub! If you are willing, I would like to request a graphic for my character's signature.

OOC Name: Cats / Bowen

Character Codename or Name: Codename: Agincourt. Real Name: Bowen Locke

Description of Graphic Desired: I would like a standard signature featuring my character looking awesome. His Celeb Claim is Leonardo DiCaprio. I am happy with an upper body shot or a face shot. Maybe his codename "Agincourt" could be present in a fancy font. Bowen's signature weapon is a bow and arrow, so maybe those fan be featured on the banner. Everything else I trust to your artistic judgment. biggrin.gif

Specific Colors Desired: I prefer black and green, but am happy with whatever works best for you.

Thanks for reading!

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